You're at a time in your life where the concept of balance seems near impossible.  We hear you, because we're there too.  Our goal is to make you feel understood, offer solutions, and provide you with the occasional treat that you need to recharge!
Our Philosophy
Deserved Splurges arose out of a sentiment that women don't do enough to focus on their own needs or treat themselves.  With everything else we've got on our plates, our well-being takes a backseat.  Unfortunately, long term, this chips away at our identity, and our overall sense of balance. 

Founded by a working physician mother who understands the long list of barriers to expending time and energy into herself, our company aims to take down some of these roadblocks, provide you with the pampering and appreciation you've earned, and serve as a reminder to address your needs.

Whether you join our community as a follower of the blog, a member of our Facebook page, an occasional gift purchaser, or a monthly subscriber, we hope you'll take part in our bigger movement - creating a culture of women who understand that self care isn't selfish - it's necessary!
In case you're wondering...
  1. Who are the retailers you are partnering with?
    We're just launching, so we're actively forming partnerships at the moment. We can't say who we have on board yet, but we know you've heard of them and lusted after their products! Stay tuned.
  2. How do you pick your products?
    We search for the hottest, most innovative, and most reputable products, analyze reviews, and perform careful market research with our clientele. These are things that we would want ourselves, and are intended to make your life more interesting, while being practical at the same time!
  3. What if I don't want a subscription?
    Don't worry! It's just one of the tools we're using to promote life balance. You have the option of just joining our community by enjoying our blog and our Facebook posts. There's also the option of buying individual products, if you're interested.
  4. What kind of content do you feature?
    Our blog and Facebook posts are chosen based on topics that we think are important and thought-provoking. They may not all apply to you, but the underlying concepts all tie back to the same themes - happiness, balance, motivation, and self-care.